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Peerless Images
Persian Painting and its Sources

Eleanor Sims, with contributions from Boris I. Marshak and Ernst J. Grube
Hardback, 31 x 25 cm, 368 pp.
345 colour illustrations

Persian painting has long been admired around the world for its delicacy, vibrant colour and sophistication. This magnificent book is the definitive survey of figurative arts of the Iranian world from the very earliest prehistoric paintings through to the beginning of the 20th century to consider the art in terms of themes rather than styles. It looks at a range of painting techniques – in manuscripts, albums and on walls, and on lacquered boxes – though it also covers related arts such as sculpture, ceramics and metalwork.

Arranged by thematic content – for example, portraits, settings, kingship, illustrations to texts – as well as offering a historical overview of the development of the art, the book includes stunning reproductions of many of the masterpieces of Persian art. Two supporting essays by eminent figures in the field offer valuable context, deepening our understanding and appreciation of the works.

A long-awaited work of outstanding scholarship, as well as lavishly illustrated throughout, Peerless Images is essential reading for all those interested in the arts of the Middle East and Central Asia.

Eleanor Sims has worked in the Islamic Department of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and has been Assistant Professor of Islamic Art History at the Universities of Minnesota and Pennsylvania. She is currently the editor of Islamic Art journal.

Boris I. Marshak is head of the Central Asian and Caucasian department at the Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg.

Ernst J. Grube was the first curator of Islamic art at the Metropolitan Museum and is now Professor Emeritus of Venice University.


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