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Istanbul Contrasts
Hardback, 32 x 27 cm, 252 pp.

Istanbul Contrasts has set itself the challenge of capturing this extraordinary cultural, artistic and intellectual boom in a lavishly illustrated and sumptuously produced book. An invaluable and unique guide to the new cultural landscape, it combines an insider’s glimpse of the city with snippets of history and cultural background – accompanied throughout by stunning images from the lenses of leading photographers.

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Drinkers of the Wind
The Arabian Horse: History, Mystery, Magic

Hardback, 30 x 25 cm, 256 pp.

The definitive book on the pure-bred Arabian horse, Drinkers of the Wind is a celebration of its ancient history, astonishing beauty and enduring appeal. Telling the full story of its relationship with man, from earliest references to the breed right up to the present day, it is it a perfect marriage of lively, authoritative text and simply stunning new photography. All in all, a book that cannot fail to charm and enthral horse-lovers anywhere.

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A Timeless Land

Hardback, 27 x 29 cm, 232 pp.

Though Jordan in its current form is a relatively young country, it occupies ancient land – land that has played its part in the histories of the three great monotheistic religions and that even thousands of years ago stood at the crossroads between the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Now you can explore and be enchanted by this country of extreme contrasts through this enticing book that brings together delightful text with truly stunning photography.

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The Arabian Dream

Hardback, 28 x 25 cm, 208 pp.

There are few states that have achieved the rapid and successful change in so short a space of time as has Dubai. From palm-frond huts to sumptuous hotels, from remote oases to man-made islands, and from camel caravans to the ultimate in today’s high technology, this desert outpost has turned itself into one of the world’s most dynamic and cosmopolitan centres of trade, commerce and tourism. This book tells the story of this remarkable transformation, accompanied by sumptuous photography.

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Sky Hunters
The Passion of Falconry

Hardback, 30 x 25 cm, 320 pp.

Falconry, the ‘sport of kings’, is today more popular than ever before, with some 100,000 falconers active in over 60 countries. This beautiful book traces its history through the ages and across continents, separating myth from reality and exploring its traditions, techniques and lore. Lavishly illustrated throughout, it offers the best introduction and testament yet to this ancient, exhilarating sport that pairs man with beast.

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Phoenix Rising
The United Arab Emirates
Past, Present and Future
Werner Forman
Hardback, 28 x 25 cm, 208 pp.

Few nations on earth have experienced more complete and far-reaching change over the past few decades than the United Arab Emirates. Today a land of six-lane highways and glittering streams of motorcars, where space-age cities of ivory-white and crystal glass emerge like a mirage from the haze of desert and sea. The photopgrapher Werner Forman explores in a series of superbly evocative images, themes of continuity and change in a country with a long and ancient history.

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Qatar: Realm of the Possible
Hardback, 32 x 27 cm, 264pp.

Qatar: Realm of the Possible charts, in the form of a vivid visual journey, the rise and current state of the nation of Qatar. More than 250 masterful and evocative photographs of the Qatari landscape, cutting-edge architecture, everyday vignettes and special events from camel beauty contests to high-speed car racing accompany a cross-section of profiles of the personalities who are helping to shape the transformation of this once sleepy, relatively small Gulf state into the rising super-mini-state that is today’s Qatar.

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London Burning: Portraits from a Creative City
Hardback, 32 x 27 cm, 600pp.

A new sizzle is in the air across London’s creative sectors.

Having successfully surveyed the lives and workplaces of America’s and Britain’s contemporary visual artists in Sanctuary: Britain’s Artists and their Studios (2012) followed by Art Studio America: Contemporary Artist Spaces (2013), TransGlobe Publishing, in collaboration with Thames & Hudson, has embarked on a challenging new venture: London Burning: Portraits from a Creative City.

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México: A Culinary Quest
Hardback, 32 x 25 cm, 600pp.

México: A Culinary Quest captures the essence and spirit of Mexican food history as well as a wide range of contemporary cooking styles. Seeking out cultural idiosyncrasies within the realm of food, the book is a sketch of the country’s personality achieved by burrowing under its skin. Reflected against the backdrop of a complex, occasionally violent history are Mexico’s people, terrain, architecture, and urban and rural settlements. The lively profile texts are accompanied by specially commissioned photographs of both people and places, focusing on the aesthetic interplay of visual and textual narratives.

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Voices: East London
Flexi-cover, 25 x 18.5 cm, 416pp.

East London’s vibrancy is at the forefront of Greater London’s evolving persona, a lynchpin reinforcing the city’s international reputation. Voices: East London reveals its thriving kaleidoscope of visual geography by means of dynamic interviews and striking new photography.

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