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A Timeless Land

Christa Paul, David Saunders and Ammar Khammash
Hardback, 27 x 29 cm, 232 pp

‘...curiously addictive...’ – Geographical

Though Jordan in its current form is a relatively young country, it occupies ancient land – land that has played its part in the histories of the three great monotheistic religions and that even thousands of years ago stood at the crossroads between the Mediterranean and the Middle East. It is a land of stark contrasts and striking beauty, of rainbow-coloured rocks, black basalt deserts and fantastical landscapes hewn out of time by geological rifts, dotted with painted castles.

Jordan: A Timeless Land makes the perfect visual celebration of this country, with page after page of stunning photography showing its people, places and landscapes. Explore its rich heritage, and allow yourself to be enchanted – all from the comfort of your armchair.

Christa Paul studied at SOAS in the University of London, and has written extensively on travel, including trade routes in Central Asia and the Middle East.

David Saunders is a travel writer and photographer, having written over a dozen books on topics as diverse as Jamaica, Bermuda and Dubai.

Ammar Khammash is a well known and highly regarded Jordanian architect who has published widely on his country and culture. He lives and works in Amman.

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