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Istanbul Contrasts

Editor: Hossein Amirsadeghi
Contributing editors: Berna Tuğlular, Ipeknur Cem Taha
Murat Belge, Elif Şafak, Andrew Finkel
Photography: Ashkan Sahihi, Cemal Emden

Hardback, 32 x 27 cm, 252 pp.
688 illustrations

Istanbul Contrasts has set itself the challenge of capturing this extraordinary cultural, artistic and intellectual boom in a lavishly illustrated and sumptuously produced book. An invaluable and unique guide to the new cultural landscape, it combines an insider’s glimpse of the city with snippets of history and cultural background – accompanied throughout by stunning images from the lenses of leading photographers.

From the ancient to the ultra-modern, the much-loved to the unexpected, Istanbul Contrasts explores every facet of life in the city, covering the worlds of art, design, architecture and lifestyles, as well as the unusual aspects of everyday life. Istanbul Contrasts aims to capture not just the sights of the city, but its very soul and essence.

Hossein Amirsadeghi is a writer, publisher, editor and documentary filmmaker based in Europe. He has written, edited and published many books on Iran and Middle Eastern culture, including Twentieth-Century Iran, The Arts of Persia, Different Sames: New Perspectives in Contemporary Iranian Art, New Vision: Arab Contemporary Art in the 21st Century, Unleashed: Contemporary Art from Turkey and Art & Patronage: The Middle East. He is currently working on contemporary art books on Britain, Russia and Pakistan.

Berna Tuglular received her BA degree from Bosphorus University and her MBA from Indiana University. Following a career in international marketing she decided to pursue her interest in art focusing on Turkey. She has been the Project Manager for the book Unleashed: Contemporary Art from Turkey published in 2010 by TransGlobe Publishing/Thames&Hudson. Berna is a member of the Middle East and North Africa Acquisitions Committees of the British Museum and the Tate.

Ipek Nur Cem Taha is a Turkish businesswoman, journalist and an active member of several community-based organizations.  For the past four years, Ipek has been producing and hosting Global Leaders, a television program on NTV networks. In 2005, Ipek was for eight years a columnist for Turkish daily newspapers, including Milliyet and Sabah. She is a founding member and a Vice Chairman of the Board of URAK (National Competitiveness Research Institute). She is also a founding member of KAGIDER (Women Entrepreneurs Association). Ipek is also a member of the Global Relations Forum (GIF), a new Turkish association focusing on Turkey’s foreign relations. Since 2007, Ipek is a member of the International Advisory Council of Columbia University. She is also a member of the Strategic Council of the Marseille Center for Mediterranean Integration, an Institution founded by the World Bank and European Investment Bank. Ipek was a contrubutor on Unleashed: Contemporary Art from Turkey published by Trans Globe/Thames and Hudson,

Murat Kadri Belge (born 1943 in Ankara, Turkey) is a Turkish intellectual, academic, translator, literary critic, columnist, civil rights activist, and occasional tour guide. He received his B.A. in English Language and Literature from Istanbul University in 1966, and his Ph.D. in English Language and Literature, from Istanbul University in 1969. For several years Prof Belge wrote columns for the daily Radikal as well as other newspapers, before shifting to Taraf in May 2008. In 1996 he founded the Department of Comparative Literature of Department at İstanbul Bilgi University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences. He was previously associate professor at İstanbul University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of English Language and Literature. He has written several books and founded and edited various periodicals and encyclopedias and translated various works of English literature by James Joyce, Charles Dickens, D. H. Lawrence, William Faulkner and John Berger into Turkish.

Elif Şafak is an award winning writer of Turkish descent and the best-selling woman writer in Turkey. She has published novels written in Turkish as well as English. Born in France, Şafak remained with her mother, when her parents divorced. She graduated in International Relations at Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey. She holds a Master of Science degree in Gender and Women's Studies, with a thesis on The Deconstruction of Femininity Along the Cyclical Understanding of Heterodox Dervishes in Islam. She earned her Ph.D. from the Department of Political Science at the same university. Her Ph.D. thesis was entitled An Analysis of Turkish Modernity Through Discourses of Masculinities.

Şafak debuted in literature with her story Kem Gözlere Anadolu, published in 1994. Her first novel, Pinhan (The Sufi) was awarded the "Mevlana Prize" in 1998, which is given to the best work in mystical literature in Turkey. Her second novel, Şehrin Aynaları (Mirrors of the City), brings together Jewish and Islamic mysticism against a historical setting in the 17th century Mediterranean. Şafak greatly increased her readership with her novel Mahrem (The Gaze), which earned her the "Union of Turkish Writers' Prize" in 2000. Her next novel, Bit Palas (The Flea Palace), has been a bestseller in Turkey.The book was followed by Med-Cezir, a non-fiction book of essays on gender, sexuality, mental ghettoes, and literature. Şafak's second novel written in English is The Bastard of Istanbul, which was the bestselling book of 2006 in Turkey. The book called Black Milk, her first autobiographical book, was published in 2007 following the birth of her daughter in 2006 after she suffered from post-natal depression. AŞK (The Forty Rules of Love) was published in March 2009. Selling more than 150,000 copies in a month it instantly became number one best-seller in Turkey.

Andrew Finkel has been working as a journalist in Istanbul since 1989 but his association with the city goes back to the 1960s. He has over the years corresponded for a variety of publications including The Times, The Economist and TIME magazine and appears frequently on CNN. More unusually he has had a column in Turkish language newspapers including Sabah and Milliyet and has hosted a news programme on Turkish television. He writes about issues of press freedom and has held fellowships at the University of Michigan and in the National Endowment for Democracy in Washington. He is also the restaurant critic for Cornucopia Magazine. He writes an opinion column for Today’s Zaman and is the author of What Everyone Needs to Know about Turkey to be published by Oxford University Press.

Ashkan Sahihi is an Iranian photographer known for his unique photographic projects, including series of photographs of armpits, faces that have been ejaculated upon and the facial expressions of non-drug users trying various drugs. Born in 1963 in Tehran, Iran, Sahihi moved to New York in 1987. His work was presented at a solo exhibition at the Andrea Rosen Gallery in New York in 2000. He has also participated in a number of group exhibitions including the Basel Art Fair 31 in 2000, the Millennium Warm-up in New York in 1999, and "Quiet," a survelleid experimental art-living project at 353 Broadway in New York in 1999.

Cemal Emden was born in Kayseri in 1967. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at Yıldız Technical University in 1990. He continued his master’s degree at his alma mater and completed in 1993. Emden is an architect as well as a professional photographer specializing in architecture, interior decoration, landscape and furniture photography. His photographs were published in magazines, books and exhibition projects both in Turkey and abroad. His clientele includes architects, construction companies, advertisement agencies, graphic designers and architectural publications. Alongside a professional photographic archive in the above subjects, Emden has also independently worked in the Middle East, North America, Europe and Russia and put together a rich archive of architectural images.


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