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The Arabian Dream

David Saunders
Hardback, 27 x 27 cm, 208 pp.

There are few states that have achieved such rapid and successful change in so short a period of time as has Dubai. From palm-frond huts to sumptuous hotels, from remote oases to man-made islands, and from camel caravans to the ultimate in today’s high technology, this desert outpost has been transformed into one of the world’s most dynamic and cosmopolitan centres of trade, commerce and tourism.

Dubai: The Arabian Dream tells the story of this remarkable transformation, in both words and images. It shows how Dubai’s road to prosperity is grounded in its heritage of desert nomads and merchant traders, while at the same time recounting fascinating tales of trading routes, pirates, pearl divers and gold smugglers. Bringing the story up to the present day, it celebrates the more recent social and architectural achievements, exploring just what it is that led to Dubai’s remarkable growth. Throughout the book photographs by David Saunders are accompanied by stunning new images from Darious Zandi, Marijke Jongbloed, Ronald Codrai, Rik van Lent and others, making this book a true visual feast.

David Saunders is a travel writer and photographer, having written over a dozen books on topics as diverse as Jamaica, Bermuda and Jordan.

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