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The Arts of Persia

Edited by R.W.Ferrier
Hardback, 31 x 24 cm, 334 pp.
420 illustrations

Persian art with its detailed ornamentation, use of color, floral decoration, balanced patterns, landscape imagery, and intricate craftsmanship includes some of the most beautiful works of art ever created. For the first time within a single volume, these various aspects of the arts of Persia are discussed in an interrelated and complementary manner.

The twenty international experts who have contributed to this volume offer a detailed analysis of their various subjects whole also relating them to the political and economic issues of the time. The book begins with a cultural and historical survey through the centuries, providing a context within which to discuss the arts. It then deals with the pre-Islamic era, from 7000 BC through the prehistoric period to the court art of the Achaemenians, the buildings, statuary, and stucco of the Parthians, and the rock carvings and silverwork of the Sasanians. It goes on to discuss the Islamic period, describing a wide range of arts, including architecture, carpets, textiles, metalwork, coins, painting, arts of the book, lacquer work, ceramics, tile work, glass, and calligraphy. 

The handsome book, which includes over 150 color illustrations, represents a distinguished and highly readable contribution to the history of the fine and applied arts.

R.W. Ferrier lectured in France and Iran, where he was assistant professor at the University at Shiraz. He is the author of several books and article on Iranian history and is currently Group Historian, British Petroleum Co.

Published by
Yale University Press

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