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About TransGlobe
About TransGlobe

TransGlobe Publishing Ltd was founded to create high-quality illustrated books on a range of subjects, though largely centered on art, culture and design in the greater Middle East region and within its Diaspora. Since then it has remained committed to producing the most informative and beautifully designed publications, placing particular emphasis on editorial content, design aesthetics and very high production standards. Groundbreaking books such as New Vision, Different Sames and Unleashed have opened up whole areas of contemporary art in the Arab world, Iran and Turkey respectively to international audiences, while other titles such as Jordan, Sky Hunters and Drinkers of the Wind combine insightful writing with stunning photography.





















TransGlobe Publishing, Ltd.
6 New Street Square
London EC4A 3LX
United Kingdom

We always welcome thoughts and comments (and compliments!) on our books – don’t hesitate to contact us at the above address. We do our best to reply to all correspondence.

Ordering Books
You can order books from this website using PayPal; clicking on the yellow order buttons takes you to TransGlobe's PayPal page where you can make your purchase using credit card, bank transfer or your PayPal account in total confidence. If you have already ordered a book and are enquiring about the status of your order, don't hesitate to contact us at the above address.

Publishing with TransGlobe
If you are interested in publishing or collaborating with TransGlobe, please send a brief outline of your proposal to the above address.

Review Copies
Review copies of our titles can be provided on request. Please send us your details (name, publication) to the above address, explaining what sort of article or review you are writing.

Foreign Rights
Translation rights are still available for some of our titles. Interested publishers should contact us  at the above address.

TransGlobe Publishing, Ltd.
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